The Sales Page Bootcamp

Learn to write copy that sells programs and captures hearts

Every entrepreneur is a copywriter. The question is...are you a good one? 

Great idea for your program? Check.

Knowing you can help people? Check. 

A degree in human psychology, online marketing and sales, plus unlimited time to track down potential buyers? Uh, pump the brakes.

You started a business because you had a gift to share with the world...

Not because you're a natural salesperson. 

And writing sales copy that's compelling? That's even harder! 

You want to make sales online. You want to leverage your time. You want to scale your business. And you want it to feel easy.

You're not in a place right now to hire someone to take this sales piece off your hands. 

But still, you've got to make money. And you have to find a way to do it that doesn't eat all of your hours or require you to stay up until 3 AM fueled by Red Bull and fear.  

It’s time to meet your new Business BFF, the sales page.

Sales pages are the shortest distance between you and what you want: to fill your program, get people excited about your services, or sell every seat at your next event. 

They convert browsers into buyers and interested customers into interest in your bank account. #soldoutlaunch

When you do it right, your sales page is your automatic pipeline for: 

More clients.

More dollars. 

More vacations. 

More transformations.

More freedom. 

Less fights with your significant other because you’re overworked and cranky.

Less spam posting in Facebook groups hoping someone will buy from you.

Less stress eating.

Less worrying you’ll have to go back to your day job. *Shudder*

But when you do it wrong (like most business owners do), your sales page is a leaky bucket costing you both clients and cash. 

A bad sales page — or no sales page at all — freaks people out. 

Think about it. I bet you've gotten excited and visited a company's website ... only to be disappointed when there wasn't a way to buy from them. 

Or considered hiring a coach or contractor and then you ran for the hills when they didn't have a proper page where you could learn more about them. #whatareyouhiding? 

Hi, I’m Lauren, and I'm addicted to sales pages. 

Writing them. Reading them. Preaching about them like a crazed fan hyped up on Diet Mountain Dew and strawberry Twizzlers. 

I’m not nuts. I’m just a copywriter.  

If you’ve never met a copywriter before, we’re a tribe of magical wordsmiths who help entrepreneurs sell more of their sh*t for a living. 

You’d like us. You want us on your side. We’ve got the good stuff.   

Like the secrets to help you launch bigger, attract the right audience, make more money, and break free from the 24/7 workweek of the average business owner. 

It's why you started your business—to give you the freedom, money and impact you couldn't get in a typical corporate job. 

Now you're ready to scale your business, automate your sales and get people excited to buy from you. And a compelling sales page is your ticket to arriving there in warp speed.

The harsh truth is we're usually the bottleneck in our business. But it doesn't have to be that way. Close your eyes and picture this instead:

Waking up, checking your iPhone, and glimpsing all the orders that came in and all the cash you generated while you were sleeping. It's like every day is your birthday!  

Bringing in new clients one right after the other without ever having to get on a phone call (Hello, fellow introverts and busy people!). Your business is on fiiiiiire, baby! 

Being able to go out to lunch with your friends, hit up a barre class in the afternoon or catch the latest blockbuster without panicking about missed sales. It's all taken care of.

Knowing exactly what to say to overcome every objection, circumnavigate every excuse, and get hesitant buyers to purchase a spot in your latest and greatest offering.

Watching your sales numbers go up, up, up. Your audience is landing on your page, falling in love, and signing up on the spot — and you don't even have to lift a finger. 

Not having to hustle to the point of adrenal fatigue to get new clients, because you're set up with a sales page that's doing the heavy lifting. Relax. Go to the beach. Go to Bali. Go to the beach in Bali. 

This is the life that I and many of my clients live, and it's what I want for you too. It's not a dream. It's what's possible when you create a great sales page.

Unfortunately, this is what usually happens when you try to write your own sales page: 

1. You don't know what to say.

Sure, you know what you're selling, but when it comes to explaining how it's going to change your customer's life, it gets a bit tricker. 

How do you get them excited? How do you speak to them in ways they'll understand? What do you talk about? You just need a simple step-by-step structure to follow so you know how to engage your audience with your sales copy. 

2. You don't have the time to write an entire sales page.

Between meetings and client work, your sales page gets pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list time and time again. It's been months since you last looked at it, and it'll probably be 4 more before you finish it. 

You try to "treat yourself like a client" and "put it on your schedule," but it just doesn't get done. You just need to sit down and write it, so it can start attracting business without you having to stand on the corner with a megaphone or spam your Facebook friends list. 

3. When you do sit down to write sales copy, you can't tell if it's any good. You could be scaring people away for all you know!

You’re not a professional copywriter, and when you ask the people in your Facebook groups for their feedback on your sales page, they tell you it's fine or give you a few action steps to take...but they aren't professional copywriters either. They might not even be your ideal client! And while you're grateful for them, you can't hang the future of your business on what strangers on the internet think. 

You rearrange blocks of text, and try to come up with a compelling hook - but as hard as you’ve worked (for, like, the past few weeks if we’re being honest) - you’ve still got nothing to show for it.

Before you know it, you’re sitting there. Staring at the walls, scrolling through your Facebook feed, and rocking back and forth in a ball of anxiety.

Because... sales copy makes you want to bang your head on the wall.

Because... you’re racing against the clock, not releasing your program, not publicizing your offerings, and not bringing in money with each passing day. And,

Because... you know that no matter what, you HAVE to get through writing this sales page because you simply don't have the money to pay a copywriter to do it for you. 

Let It Go, My Friend. Because Deep Down... 

You know you’re smart

You know you’re brave

You know you’re gifted

And people need what you have to offer. 

Even though when it comes to writing sales copy you secretly feel icky and lost. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I’m so bleeping tired of feeling this way. I need a hero.” 

And then you turn on 80s rock songs and forget all about your sales page…until 12 weeks from now when you half-heartedly tell yourself you’re going to try again. But you’re just as lost as before. Amirite? 


You’re not alone on this. I’ve been there too (and I’m a pro!). We all go through those bad days when the sales simply won’t come. 

No matter if you beg, you plead, you meditate, you manifest, you do downward dog, you visualize… 

Sometimes, you just sit there, staring at that blinky Word cursor, doing a little cursing of your own. (Ahem.)

If what I’m describing is a day in the life of your entrepreneurial ‘hustle,’ 

I want you to sit back, let go, and relax. 

That’s your “before” story. 

I’d rather help you get to the “after.”

Here's something most copywriters don't want you to know: 

We're not that special.   

Copywriting can be the easiest thing you’ve ever done — you just need to find the right approach.

You can write an amazing sales page even if:

  • You didn’t go to school to write copy (I didn’t)
  • You have trouble expressing yourself online
  • You're not sure how to clearly articulate what you offer
  • There are tons of other people selling the same thing you are
  • You're blocked about what to write
  • or you're a word vomiter who puts anything and everything into your copy
  • You aren’t an English major who makes magic with your words, and
  • You don’t have the time and energy to spend ages and ages practicing before you figure out how to write copy that brings in cash

I have a confession...

I didn't start out as a professional copywriter. I became one by learning in the trenches what worked — and what didn't — on real-time launches. 

If I can learn how to write compelling copy that sells, so can you. 

After writing sales copy for more than 500 clients, I discovered that great sales pages that captured people's attention and got them to buy follow a simple structure.

This profit-boosting, conversion-swelling, cash-generating framework is the basis of The Sales Page Bootcamp. 

Take a look at how these strategies have performed for my clients:

Meet my client Luisa 

She made $800,000 in a single online course launch during her first year in business. Even better? More comes in on autopilot every month.

Meet my client Maru 

Her signature group program Infinite Receiving has earned her $500,000 and counting in sales — not including the upsells she's made to her mastermind and intensives. 

Meet my client Julie

Julie is a transformational coach who filled every spot in her year-long mastermind. She now has a program full of dreamy clients she loves to serve.

Meet my client Yasemin

This was the first time Yasemin ever held her Amplify Live event. She expected 30 people and wound up selling 70 tickets — more than double her goal.

If you add up my copy clients' launches in 2017 alone, you'd surpass $5 million in sales. That's a lot of dollars made and lives changed. 

And now you have the opportunity to learn the same exact steps we took to leverage their incomes, make moolah on autopilot, and sell out their launches

Entrepreneurs, both solo and serial, it's time to meet The Sales Page Bootcamp.

The Sales Page Bootcamp is a simple, comprehensive, and proven step-by-step system designed to show you how to sell anything, anytime using your words. 

This is the Auto-Magic System That Gives You:

An easy-to-follow process for writing sales pages that convert, sounds like you, and sweep people off their feet to get you the yes (and the cash), 


6 full weeks of videos, samples, and bonus trainings designed to hold your hand from headline to bottom line.

Here's what you'll get when you join The Sales Page Bootcamp:

The Profit-Boosting Principles Behind Any Great Offer

The best bet for a sold-out launch is creating an offer your people want — one that’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

We'll cover:

  • The Positioning For Profit Formula. What do you want to be known for? Discover how to fully command attention and stand out in a crowd as the best of the best at your special thing
  • Become a social spy: discover how to read your customers’ minds so clearly they think you have ESP
  • Ask and you shall receive. Get the facts and the feelings your audience is dying to share with you (Hint: this directly leads to sales if you do it right)
  • Create your Copy Bible. This handy lifesaver will take your copy to the next level on literally anything you write from here on out

Grab Your Readers By Their (Eye)Balls

 No matter how incredible your product, program or service, nobody will buy it if they can’t get past the first line on your sales page. Master the art (and science) of capturing people’s attention, so you can keep ‘em reading…and ultimately make the sale.

We'll cover:

  • The Sold-Out Sales Page Formula that anyone can use to successfully turn visitors into paying customers (this grab-and-go structure alone is worth its weight in gold)
  • The Tagline Generator. Plug in your concept, and it spits out a tagline your ideal clients will fall in love with
  • What’s in a name? Everything. Discover how to name your program, product or service so your people will salivate over your offer without even needing to hear the details
  • Connect emotionally to your audience (no manipulation required)
  • Learn the Perfect Case Study Blueprint that will help sell your offer through storytelling

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

If you want your audience to bet on you, you’d better give ‘em a reason to believe in you first. Write your way right into their hearts and build a lasting relationship with your followers, so they keep coming back to you time after time.   

We'll cover:

  • How to boost your like/know/trust factor through your copy, making you the expert they want to buy from
  • Subtle ways to validate your idea before you market it (skipping this will negatively impact your sales)
  • How to tell the“I get it, man” story that will instantly increase your credibility, reach your readers’ hearts and keep you on their minds
  • How to demonstrate the transformation your offer provides and make your reader want it without being sleazy, icky or downright evil

Buying Is Believing

Forget getting on the phone or knocking on doors — let your sales page do the selling for you. That’s why they’re called sales pages, after all.  

We'll cover:

  • Features vs Benefits: The ultimate showdown. Learn how to not just tell your people what they’ll get, but show them how it will change their everything
  • The unscrollbyable way to capture your readers’ attention with your call to action
  • How to create objection-busting bonuses. You know how most people just include bonuses that they have laying around? That’s not you. And your customers will thank you for it.
  • Pre-qualify your buyers using the “Who are you?” strategy 
  • Your special sales copy sauce for outselling your competition
  • How to make your product, program or service the onepeople flock to
  • Close your sales page with a wow that will push your readers right off that fence and into your offer

Blocks Be Gone

You are way too smart and talented to get in your own way.

We'll cover:

  • How to find your voice and slay your industry by being your true blue you.
  • Turn up the heat on your copy using these secret expert writing tips
  • Create the container for your best divine downloads
  • Train your writing muscles with rituals and peak performance techniques

Maximize Your Sales

What do most online entrepreneurs miss that's interfering with their results? This step. But not you.

We'll cover:

  • How to test and tweak your sales copy so it performs each and every time you re-launch
  • The Ultimate Editing Checklist. Use it and watch your sales page improve before your very eyes.
  • Tools of the Writing & Design Trade. Want to lighten your sales page load? These resources will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can start marketing and earning money with your offer.  

You didn't think that was all, did you? Strap in and collect your bonuses

(Don’t leave home without them!)

The Facebook Ads Masterclass

Your sales page is only as good as the traffic to it. That’s why you need ads. Most entrepreneurs write the copy and ignore the marketing. (Then they wonder why no one’s buying.) You’ll stand out by doing both, well!

In this Masterclass Facebook Ads Expert Lisa Stoops shares the exact strategy she uses with her private clients to make money online, get leads and convert sales using ads! (Sounds like something you need, right?)

Copy Help Desk Recordings

Past students have called this “the best part of the program.” Soon, you’ll see why. As a member of the Sales Page Bootcamp, you’ll have the chance to listen to copy reviews done by a Reigning Copy God of the Internet. Read: professional copywriter who knows the ins and outs of copy that converts and sales pages that sizzle. 

It’s like having a copywriter in your back pocket without having to feed or water them. 

The Sales Page Sample Library

I’d never leave you hanging. That’s why when you join the Sales Page Bootcamp, you’ll be given immediate access to an extensive library of real life sample sales pages you can use for inspiration and guidance. 

You’ll find examples for live events, group programs, membership sites, masterminds and more — all at your fingertips.

Bootcamp Buddy For Life

1, 2, buckle my shoe. 3, 4, shut the door on your incomplete sales page and feeling like you wasted your time and your dollars and you can’t finish and oh my god you’re so behind and you might as well not even do the dang thing anymore because everyone else is so far ahead and way better than you and if anyone needs you, you’ll be under the desk crying over a store-bought ice cream tub. The good kind. With peanut butter in it.  

No man left behind. No sales page left in draft mode. And no excuses when you’re given not only the complete program and a Bootcamp Buddy to keep your ass accountable.  

Supportive Mastermind Community 

One of my favorite things about running this program is the vibe of the crowd it attracts. You don’t know it yet, but you could be 8 seconds away from meeting your new graphic designer or business coach or content strategist or future wife. Your new private Sales Page Bootcamp community is full of awesome people doing awesome things, and they want to help YOU do awesome things too.

Forever Access To The Program  

You'll probably sell more than one thing over the lifetime of your business, right? So why not have The Sales Page Bootcamp there for you when you need it? You'll have access to all of the program content forever and ever. 

Do you want to sell anything, anytime using your words?  #Ka-Ching! 

One Time Payment of $777

Get Instant Access

Hear From SPB Student Lindsey Aleson

“Even though I took writing in college, writing sales pages is a bit difficult for me. It’s the sales part — making sure it’s not too salesy. One of the biggest issues I have trouble with is knowing how much information to include on my sales page. Is it too much? Not enough? How specific do I need to get? 

For me the best takeaway was discovering what to put on my sales page and how to say it. I loved that it was broken down into sections, and you learned how to write a sales page step by step. 

I loved the Sales Page Bootcamp. It wasn’t just a course I was thrown into like some of the bigger programs I’ve purchased. They covered copywriting, but it was only one module and then you moved on. 

In this program, you’re focused. You learned how to write a section, you did it, and you got feedback on it. I didn’t feel like I had to rush and get everything done in a week. I was really able to think about it and figure out what to say and get fantastic feedback every step of the way. I’ve never gotten that with any other programs.

SPB showed me how to tailor my sales pages to the right audience, get them curious about me, give them all the information, and overcome their objections so by the time somebody’s finished reading it from top to bottom they have all their answers, they feel like it was written directly for them, and they click to buy.

I’m going to keep the Sales Page Bootcamp forever and use it as a cheat sheet when I go through my next sales pages rather than going in blind. 

I know a lot of people can’t afford copywriters, but your copy is so important. It’s really the thing that sells your course, so it’s not a place you should skimp. 

With the Sales Page bootcamp, you end up with a great sales page even if you’re not a copywriter yourself."

It’s time to write better sales pages. 

Sales pages that... show the world that you’re the real deal expert. 

Sales pages that... demonstrates that you know what makes your clients tick. 

Sales pages that... inspire your people to run, not walk, to their computer, credit cards in hand, because they can’t wait to buy your stuff. 

Set down the tequila and disco with me. 

Because by the time we're done, you’ll be able to:

  • Write a sales page that rivals anything crafted by a top copywriter (ouch)
  • Ditch the copywriters in your life. Send ‘em love, but you don’t have to keep sending ‘em money (imagine all the ways you could re-invest in your business or your life with those savings. Yes, I know I’m throwing myself under the bus, but I love you too much not to help.)
  • Tune into your skillset and make money with just a few tappity taps on the keyboard — No time wasted, no waiting list for your favorite copywriter… just you, your laptop, and some easy-flowing-words
  • Create a sales page that makes it clear that you’re reading your ideal client’s mind. Ok, not in a paranormal way. In a OMG, you totally understand them and know-what-they-want-before-they-do way. Abracadabra, baby!

You'll learn things like:

  • The don’t-skip-’em stages of writing a super sexy sales page (There are 5, and if you miss a single one, you’re leaving your clients out in the cold)
  • The complete A-Z structure for writing a long-form sales page that brings in big time dollars and cents
  • How to handle objections right there on the page, so nobody leaves thinking your thing won’t work for them
  • How to write a headline that will grab your readers by the cajones and keep ‘em on your page instead of on Facebook (I taught this method to a live audience this past week, and they told me it was nothing short of brilliant)
  • The right way to use testimonials in your copy to pre-empt questions and increase your like, know and trust factor
  • Ways to test and tweak your page to speak better to your audience and convert higher for you (Fun fact: President Obama used testing to generate an additional $60 million in donations. You could use $60 million, couldn’t you?) 
  • And lots more of the exact tips, tricks and strategies that my 6-, multiple-6, and 7-figure clients use to leverage their income, make more moolah and sell out their programs

Before you jump in with both feet, let’s make sure The Sales Page Bootcamp is for you!

You’re Ready To Write Better Sales Pages if You’re:

  • An entrepreneur or small business owner with products, programs and services you want to sell online
  • Overworked, overwhelmed and just plain over it. (Can’t this whole marketing your business thing just be easier?)
  • Aspiring to be a copywriter and you want know how to get high engagement from readers who are clicking, subscribing, commenting, and buying! (Buh-bye, crickets. Hello, notifications!)
  • Ready to wake up to fresh orders, payments, and discovery call bookings in your inbox
  • Waving bye-bye-bye to that part-time or full-time bridge job so you can jump into entrepreneurship with both feet. Geronimo!  
  • Excited to build long-term relationships with clients and prospects who make your heart go all ooey-gooey when you think about how awesome they are

Don't You Dare Buy This Program If You’re:

  • An entrepreneur who wants to sound like everyone else. Snooze. (Remember, you’re unique, brave one)
  • You want to struggle through the trial and error and time investment of learning to write copy and sell your big, brave thing on your own.
  • You expect this work to be done for you. Sorry, my dear. Learning how to write copy that makes money while remaining true to your authentic self requires that you show up and do the work!
  • A small business owner who likes to dupe people into buying your stuff. We’re going to write copy that’s authentic and valuable, never fake or gross.
  • Fine with lackluster sales and yawn-worthy messaging. That’s too bad, you deserve better!

The strategies in The Sales Page Bootcamp work across industries and markets. 

You don't have to be an expert at sales or copy to benefit from this program. In fact most of our past students aren't. 

Past students are:

  • Yoga teachers
  • Event planners
  • Social media managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Business strategists 
  • Marketing agency owners
  • Weight loss coaches
  • Love and relationship coaches
  • Product-based businesses 
  • Branding consultants
  • And yes, copywriters too!

Hear from Sales Page Bootcamp student Jaime Bellew

"The Sales Page Bootcamp was amazing! I’m not the best with words, so while I knew what I wanted to get out there and how I wanted to present it, I needed help with the wording. The bootcamp showed me what would resonate with my people and get them excited. 

I jumped on the bootcamp because I wanted help with those things, but I got that and more! I even feel like I got a little boost myself as far as being empowered to make those decisions on my own. 

Another great thing was I learned not just what I needed for that specific sales page, but how to translate it into other copy that I do too. 

I had my doubts because I’m not the best writer, and I wasn’t sure if it would really work for me. If Lauren had given me just an outline, I wasn’t sure I’d be creative enough to fill in the rest. But I jumped on it, and I was amazed at myself and what I produced as a result of the program. 

I definitely loved the format you taught us. What helped me most was breaking up the sales page into smaller pieces so I didn’t feel like I needed to write a novel or a sales page that’s descriptive right off the bat, which would’ve been overwhelming. The way we broke it up was great. The whole process really helped me. 

Before I took this course, I wanted to talk all about what I can give to people, but now I know what they really want is the transformation. You taught me how to frame everything in the end result. Now I know my people aren’t looking for what I can give to them, but how it’ll be at the end of working with me. The program helped me see what that transformation would be and how to articulate it to my audience. 

I feel so great about my sales page now! I had something up there I felt OK about that sort of got the point across, but now I’m willing to share it with everybody and anybody. It boosted my confidence in getting myself out there and showing off the offer that I have. 

Everybody should take advantage of the Sales Page Bootcamp because it really shows you how to carry on your copy in the future, not just on the sales page. And if you’re anything like me and you don’t feel like you have all the right words, it helps solidify your offer and your messaging. It’s amazing."

Super Duper Recap of All The Amazingly Important Things You Get When You Say Yes To Better Sales Pages: 

  • Access to all steps of the complete Sales Page Bootcamp training program. With these video modules, templates and workbooks, you’ll learn how to write cash-generating sales pages. This is the same system my copywriting clients are using to sell millions of dollars online. 
  • Two bonus video modules designed to show you how to turn up the volume on any sales page you’ve already written, so you can amplify your results on your existing sales page. 
  • Total confidence in your sales pages and all copy you write from now until the end of time
  • The Facebook Ads Masterclass with Guest Expert Lisa Stoops. Not only will you be able to put up your new sizzling sales page, but you’ll also discover how to drive traffic to it so you can watch the orders come in. Ka-ching!
  • Access to The Sales Page Sample Library. You’re not the first person to ever sell things on the Internet, so why not use the wisdom of those who have gone before you and kicked butt at it? You’ll be handed oodles of sales page examples, so you can get inspiration for both your copy and design. Cool, hey? 
  • Bootcamp Buddy For Life. They’re your Ride or Die chick (or dude). They have your back come writers’ block or word vomit. No man left behind and no sales page left in draft mode. This is accountability on crack. But not really crack because drugs are bad.
  • Private Supportive Mastermind Community where you can get your questions answered and connect with other awesome online entrepreneurs 
  • Forever Access

Total value of the entire program? Easily $5000

But when you join today, you can get the entire program for $297.

Do you want to sell anything, anytime using your words? #Ka-Ching! 

Single Payment of $777

Get Instant Access

More Sales Page Bootcamp Students Reveal All

Meet Christine Parma

"Lauren is THE go-to person for writing copy that deeply connects with your dream clients...and puts money in your bank account. In the Sales Page Bootcamp, she made writing sales pages simple by walking us step by step through the process and showing us exactly what to do. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by writing a kick-butt sales page, I learned what to say and how to say it even more effectively. Her insights helped transform my sales page from being just 'okay' to amazing...and more importantly, one that gets me clients."

Meet Nancy Gallegos

"Lauren did an amazing job with the structure and flow of her Sales Page Bootcamp. She walks you through each section of a sales page and the workbooks included are super helpful. I am so happy with the outcome of my sales page, and I can't believe that I wrote it! That's thanks to Lauren. 

I highly recommend this program — Lauren knows her stuff and makes it fun!! If it wasn't for Lauren's Sales Page Bootcamp my sales page would still be unfinished today and I'd be stuck in the first few paragraphs. Thanks, Lauren! You rock!!!"

Meet Veronika Mestyan

"I knew I needed better copy on my sales page, and when I saw Lauren's bootcamp I had to jump on it. Without a doubt it was the best decision. She showed me how to structure a winning sales page, and her personal feedback was just priceless. 

I have been motivated to actually finish my sales copy and will be using this knowledge to write all my copy including emails, about pages and basically everything where creative and converting writing can be used. Thank you, Lauren. Without you I would still be wandering between paragraphs!"

Your life before sales pages

Every sales takes a phone conversation

Working 80 hours a week

Make >1 sale a day

Tied to your laptop no matter what

Always worried about the next dollar

Limited by number of hours in day

Serve small audience

Need to hire a sales person or make sales yourself 

Your life after sales pages

Sales on autopilot

Working 20 hours a week

Make multiple sales a day

Can take vacations

Money comes in on its own

100% leveraged

Can reach millions

Sales page does all the work

Meet Sales Page Bootcamp Student Christina Jandali

"My sales page had been this monstrous task. I kept telling myself, “I’ll get to this later, I’ll get to this later.” The Sales Page Bootcamp made it so much easier and more manageable. It gave me the push to get it done.

I knew the program would give me the extra layer of accountability to show up and finish the page in a short amount of time — plus, it gave me a framework to follow to get results. 

I can always learn new tricks, and Lauren has done wonders with turning my thinking into words for years. I knew there’d be some magical piece of information I’d get from her that would help me bring my words to life.

I love hiring things out and getting people to support me, but I also believe that one of the best skillsets you can have in any business, especially the online space, is the ability to write good copy. 

Even if you do hire a copywriter, it’s important to understand what makes good copy, what makes it compelling, and how to get someone to say yes. 

It’s not just about sounding great. It’s about driving someone from thinking about hiring you to driving them to pull the trigger and make that decision to buy. 

This course strengthened that muscle and taught me new tricks. Lauren is my go-to gal for hiring out  my copy, but I need to make sure I’m continuing to grow and expand and that I’m not losing touch with my own skills as well.  

Lauren did a great job breaking things down, providing examples, making sales pages easy to follow, and showing me how I could use these principles on my own page. Plus, she gave a huge amount of support. She’s always in the group, always providing value, and always giving a ton of feedback as well.

Writing good copy is a skillset that’s gonna pay off in dividends forever, no matter what you do in business — especially in the online space. The more you can practice that craft and master those skills, the better you’ll be at converting those leads into buyers. 

Hop on board with this bootcamp. You’re not gonna be disappointed. Lauren’s unbelievable and incredibly talented. I trust her with all of my copy, and she’s done wonders. It’s one thing to be great at what you do and to make magic out of words and bring people’s ideas to life — it’s another thing to teach people how to do it on their own. Not everybody has the ability to explain things in a way that’s easy to follow. 

This program is a no-brainer.

If you’ve read all the way down here and you’re still not sure this is for you, then I've got your back. 

Here are a few other ways you could get results like the ones in the Fearless Sales Page Bootcamp: 

1. You could hire a professional copywriter to write your sales pages from here on out. Sure, the experts charge up to $50,000 for one, and even that’s no guarantee it’ll work, but you’ve got a ton of money to lose, right? 

2. You could watch your mentors and the marketers you follow and try to recreate their sales pages on your own. I mean, your audience is totally different than theirs, and your offer isn’t the same, and you didn’t do any of the behind-the-scenes stuff they did to come up with that copy, but what could go wrong? 

3. You could skip the sales pages altogether and pick up the phone or PM complete strangers on Facebook every time you want to sell an offer. Let’s say you want to make 5 figures in income per month, and you’re selling a $200 offer. That means you’ve got to close 50 separate sales calls per month to make that happen. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re an amazing on-the-phone-sales person who closes 50% of your calls (look at you go, sunfish!). That’s 100 sales calls per month, where every single person who booked a spot on your calendar shows up and you never have a single no-show, to meet your goal. You want to host 100 sales calls per month, every month, for the rest of your life, don’t you? That’s living!!! I’m getting Adrenal Fatigue just thinking about it. 

Hypothetically, let’s say you find all of those options super sucky. “THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!” you’re screaming at your screen. “TELL ME WHAT TO DO, MODERATELY ATTRACTIVE INTERNET LADY!!!” 

Can we get real for a second?

I’m teaching this profit-boosting, conversion-raising, holy-hot-sauce of a hootenanny event because whether you’re a make-up artist, business coach, or psychic, you need to make sales to turn your passion into a business.

And one of the most leveraged ways to bring in those clients is through a living and breathing sales page.

But as everyone who’s had a floppy launch knows, not all sales pages are created equal. You can spend hours writing one, and all it will give back to you is a prolific hand cramp and possible migraine. What gives?

Well, I’ve looked all around the internet to solve this problem for you in a streamlined and supportive way, and frankly, all the options sucked. So I’m taking a stand against sh*tty sales pages with the Sales Page Bootcamp.

Why learn from me? Let's look at the numbers: 500+ clients served, the 10,000 expert hours, a Facebook community of 18,000, and done-for-you copy that’s helped generate $5 million in revenue for my clients in the past 365 days alone.

This all adds up to me knowing what I'm talking about...and teaching it in ways you've never seen. It's structured, actionable, and simple, and perfect for any business owner who wants to make sales online.

Sales copy is just one module Sales copy is center stage
You're rushed to write everything in the span of a week You have plenty of breathing room, and it's broken down piece by piece
Don't care about your results This program was built on great results FIRST
You're left on your own You get personalized feedback on your sales page by an expert
It's all theory You get real actions to take AND the reasons they work
It's taught by someone who's only success story is themselves Created by a copywriter and proven in the field with hundreds of clients 

Business is risky, but this isn't.

If you join the Sales Page Bootcamp, start the program, and don't squeeze a single ounce of value from it, you have 10 days to holla at your girl and get your money back. 

That's 10 days of trainings, templates, support and masterminding in the group on the house. All you need to do is submit your completed homework to, and I'll personally refund your dollar dollar bills. We've got to respect each other in this world, you know?  

I'll let Sales Page Bootcamp Student Sarah Cohn sum it up: 

"Take this program. Done. You’re service based? Take it. You think you want to launch a product? Take it. You think you have a course you want to sell? Take it. 

These are foundational skills you’re going to use throughout your business, and I can‘t think of another place that you’re going to get the combination of real copy skills, real buyer experience and the support to implement it all in anywhere close to this price point."

Super Duper Recap of All The Amazingly Important Things You Get When You Say Yes To Better Sales Pages: 

  • Access to all steps of the complete Sales Page Bootcamp training program. With these video modules, templates and workbooks, you’ll learn how to write cash-generating sales pages. This is the same system my copywriting clients are using to sell millions of dollars online. 
  • Two bonus video modules designed to show you how to turn up the volume on any sales page you’ve already written, so you can amplify your results on your existing sales page. 
  • Total confidence in your sales pages and all copy you write from now until the end of time
  • The Facebook Ads Masterclass with Guest Expert Lisa Stoops. Not only will you be able to put up your new sizzling sales page, but you’ll also discover how to drive traffic to it so you can watch the orders come in. Ka-ching!
  • Copy Help Desk recordings. It’s like a little blue pill for your sales page. Use it to make sure your sales page doesn’t fall flat on its face on the internet. You’ll listen to feedback given by real copywriters…and it won’t come from your mother, who means well but can’t open a Google doc and doesn’t know a damn thing about internet marketing. 
  • Access to The Sales Page Sample Library. You’re not the first person to ever sell things on the Internet, so why not use the wisdom of those who have gone before you and kicked butt at it? You’ll be handed oodles of sales page examples, so you can get inspiration for both your copy and design. Cool, hey? 
  • Bootcamp Buddy For Life. They’re your Ride or Die chick (or dude). They have your back come writers’ block or word vomit. No man left behind and no sales page left in draft mode. This is accountability on crack. But not really crack because drugs are bad.
  • Private Supportive Mastermind Community where you can get your questions answered and connect with other awesome online entrepreneurs 
  • Forever Access

Total value of the entire program? Easily $5000

But when you join today, you can get the entire program for $297.

Do you want to sell anything, anytime using your words? #Ka-Ching! 

Single Payment of $777

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