Funnel In A Day

Want your first funnel done, fast? Like in less than a day? Go from confused to a cash-making funnel in just 5 hours

The fastest path to consistent clients & cash is a funnel. Period.

What would it feel like if you could finally…

Stop chasing down your clients? To wake up to a booked-out calendar full of prospects & paying clients? To finally make money consistently, instead of the feast & famine cycle of hustle and burnout?

It’s possible, but…

Right now you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to funnels.

You’re feeling like you’ll never be able to just sit back and do what you love (coach the ever-loving FUCK outta your clients). It's too complicated, plus… the copy… you’re feeling like you’ll never be able to get a funnel built—especially not when you have 10 million other things on your to-do list!

By Now, You’ve Tried To…

… Stand out in a sea of coaches in crowded Facebook groups, but no one seems to be paying you—or your offerings—any attention

… Build your own tribe/following on social media, but you can’t seem to get the eyes on your content, so you end up just feeling invisible instead

… Posting, begging and praying for clients as you try to chase them from platform to platform hoping they'll see what an expert you are and hire you out of the blue

And you’re starting to wonder if you really have what it takes to consistently bring in the cash and the clients from month to month.

But, the truth is…


I want an automatic stream of clients!

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Maleah is cranking out funnels like mad!

"I'm in heaven! This is EXACTLY what I need to crank out MORE funnels! YES! Okay, I'm totally FOCUSED NOW. I hope you do this on the reg...I'm happy to pay good money for it. From YOU. FYI."

- Maleah Jacobs Krishnaswami

Jessica calls Funnel In A Day a miracle!

"I just downloaded your opt-in lesson. Read it over a couple of times and then wrote my landing page copy in about 15 minutes.

And I’m happy with it. It’s succinct and sounds amazing.

This is a miracle. Thank you.

Left to my own devices I would have spent hours on a landing page and still not been completely happy with it." 

- Jessica Forrest Baldini

Funnels work for you all day, every day.

... and make you more money

Zero to 10, 000 Dollars

Before creating a funnel, I had to hustle to get every client. When I put out my first funnel, I had a $10K month. 


No effing way. 

Imagine results like that for yourself...earning 5 figures in 30 days, attracting clients who are ready to buy before even having a conversation with you and growing your list of prospects without having to lift a pinky finger. 

About your instructor

Hi, I'm Lauren Vanessa Zink, copywriter + content strategist to multi 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs. I've been behind the scenes of itty bitty sold-out gatherings and $800,000 launches, and I can't help but know what works and what doesn't when it comes to attracting clients, showing off your personality in your writing and marketing your services to drooling audiences everywhere. I'm tired of seeing amazing coaches, creatives and consultants like you struggle to get your voice heard and bring in the clients you deserve. That's why I'm on a mission to help you make money with your words—because you should be spending your time helping your people, not pulling your hair out over trying to attract them.

Here's the deal:

 Funnels are like magic. Set it up once and let it grow your list, up your expert factor, and bring you new clients. Bye bye, hustle. Hello, flow.

Sound like something you've been waiting for?

Awesome. Because I'm here to give you the goods. Picture it: you pour yourself a cup of coffee, tune in to your lessons, use the templates to write your content, and your profitable funnel will be complete in less time than it takes you to have a Netflix binge. 

From your opt-in page to that final last chance email, each lesson is bite-sized and extremely actionable. Funnel In A Day is designed to be completed from A - Z in less than 5 hours flat. No hemming and hawing. No wondering what to write and in what order. Just simple, fast and concrete results.



  • Guided Funnel Lessons - Discover how to create a money-making funnel from opt-in to the final sales email
  • Copy Recipes - Get the low-down on how to write every. single. piece of copy in your funnel
  • Sample Emails - Want to know how the experts do it? You'll receive actual example copy from people like John Lee Dumas and more
  • Lifetime Access - You'll be able to keep the content forever, so you can come back every time you launch a new product or service
  • Bonus - Facebook Ads Training so you can drive traffic to your funnel

You'll get 20+ of my best trainings and templates. You're receiving:

  • Funnel lesson 1 - Opt-ins & Landing Pages
  • Funnel lesson 2 - Thank You Pages
  • Funnel lesson 3 - Subject Lines That Rock
  • Funnel lesson 4 - Your Perfect Opening Email
  • Funnel lesson 5 - The Free Gift Reminder
  • Funnel lesson 6 - Your Invitation Email
  • Funnel lesson 7 - The Irrefutable Proof Email
  • Funnel lesson 8 - The Value-Add Message
  • Funnel lesson 9 - Overcoming Objections
  • Funnel lesson 10 - The Last Chance Email
  • Template 1 - The Opt-In & Landing Page Template (With Samples)
  • Template 2 - Your Thank You Page Template (With Samples)
  • Template 3 - Fill-In-The-Blank Email Subjects You Can Use Immediately 
  • Template 4 - Your Perfect Opening Email Template (With Samples)
  • Template 5 - The Free Gift Reminder Template (With Samples)
  • Template 6 - Your Invitation Email Template (With Samples)
  • Template 7 - The Irrefutable Proof Email Template (With Samples)
  • Template 8 - The Value-Add Message Template (With Samples)
  • Template 9 - Overcoming Objections Email Template (With Samples)
  • Template 10 - The Last Chance Email Template (With Samples)

PLUS A Bonus Facebook Ads Training (Valued at $197)

Funnel in A Day is a business-changing, time-saving passport to profit. Check out what the past participants had to say about the experience:

Sarah created a funnel she only dreamed of!

"Lauren, today has been AMAZING. I had no idea I could be so productive. I am building a funnel I formerly only dreamed of."

- Sarah Cohn

Melissa feels confident + focused now

"Thank you sooooo much, Lauren! You are truly a pro and lead by amazing example! 

Today helped me focus on my next steps. I had no idea which direction my funnel would lead. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go next with my biz, and after today I am feeling so much more equipped to take the next steps. I also feel confident we now have the tools to create new funnels using these amazing lessons!  

Thanks for giving so freely of yourself and your expertise! <3 <3" 

- Melissa Schumann Kitchen

Make more money in less time.

Give more value to more people.

Attract dreamy clients to your digital front door.

Lock and load, and let your funnels run. 

(So you can eat, sleep and take a day off once in awhile without worrying about your bank account drying up.)

I want an automatic stream of clients!

One payment of $97

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